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FontGen produces many constant tables which should be put in the code space by the linker. Each compiler or development environment has different keywords/techniques to put the variables to the code space.

FontGen uses user provided variable definition and declaration patterns to let the user such a customization. These patterns have a type and name component. These are set by FontGen but the rest is provided by FontGen.

Variable declaration pattern is used while declaring arrays/structs in the H file. Variable definition pattern is used while defining arrays/structs in the C file. Pointer definition pattern is used while defining pointers in the C file.

Example pattern

Example outputs

%t %n

extern FONT_DEF Verdana_17_n_nnnn_0_c;
const unsigned char font_Verdana_17_n_nnnn_0_c_width_table[]; 
unsigned char *mapping_table;

%t code %n

extern FONT_DEF code Verdana_17_n_nnnn_0_c; 
const unsigned char code font_Verdana_17_n_nnnn_0_c_width_table[]; 
unsigned char code *mapping_table;
extern FONT_DEF Verdana_17_n_nnnn_0_c PROGMEM; 
const unsigned char font_Verdana_17_n_nnnn_0_c_width_table[] PROGMEM; 
unsigned char *mapping_table PROGMEM; 

Recommended settings

For gcc/AVR

For Keil

Variable declaration pattern %t %s %t code %n
Variable definition pattern %t %n PROGMEM %t code %n
Pointer declaration pattern %t %s %t code %n

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