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While some parameters have arguements following, some only set/reset parameters. For the set/reset parameters, the lower case parameter is used to unset it while uppercase parameter is used to set it.

For the omitted parameters, the existing ones are used. Existing ones is possibly set by the default ini file.




f Set the name of the font FontGen -f "Times New Roman" FontGen -f Arial
s Set the size of the font FontGen -f Arial -s 12
b Font is not bold FontGen -b -f Arial -s 12
B Font is bold FontGen -s 10 -B
i Font is not italic FontGen -i
I Font is italic FontGen -I
u Font is not underlined FontGen -u
U Font is underlined FontGen -U
t Font is not strikeouted FontGen -t
T Font is strikeouted FontGen -T
o Set the output folder FontGen -o "c:\project"
x Do not flip in the X dimension FontGen -x
X Flip in the X dimension FontGen -X
y Do not flip in the Y dimension FontGen -y
Y Flip in the Y dimension FontGen -Y
v Do not reverse the bits FontGen -v
V Reverse the bits FontGen -V
m Produce uncompressed fonts FontGen -m
M Produce compressed fonts FontGen -M
p Do not check codepage FontGen -p
P Check codepage FontGen -P
e Do not create extended mapping table FontGen -e
E Create extended mapping table FontGen -E
r Set the rotation. Requires an integer parameter between 0 and 3. 0'0 degrees, and 2' 180 degrees FontGen -r 0
FontGen -r 1
d Set the color depth index. Requires an integer parameter representing the 0-based index of the color depth choice in the color depth combobox. FontGen -d 1
(1-bit grayscale)
g Set the Picture FontGen -g "c:\logo.bmp"
0 to 6 The values for the custom black decision sliders (effective only for grayscale version) FontGen -0 10 -1 20 -2 50
c Set the name of the file for the chars to use FontGen -c "c:\japan_chars.txt"
n Set the name of the INI file with the parameters in. Please note that if the path information is omitted for the INI file name, then the file is checked in the windows folder. If you want to use the active folder use ".\ini_name.ini" FontGen -c "c:\japan_chars.txt" -n "c:\japan_verdana.ini" -b FontGen ".\chineese.ini"
a Automatically create the files and exit. If the arguement is "f" it creates font definition. İf the arg is "i" it creates image definition. FontGen -g "c:\logo.bmp" -o "c:\project" -a i
z Set the pattern for variable declaration (for the H files) FontGen -z "%t %n"
FontGen -z "%t code %n"
FontGen -z "%t %n PROGMEM"
q Set the pattern for variable definition (fort he C file) FontGen -q "%t %n"
FontGen -q "%t code %n"
FontGen -q "%t %n PROGMEM"
w Set the pattern for pointer declaration FontGen -w "%t %n"
FontGen -w "%t code %n"
FontGen -w "%t %n PROGMEM"
R Disable persistency. By default, FontGen saves the glyphs entered to its UI, to FontGen.txt file in the same folder with the FontGen.exe. It also saves the last provided settings to the FontGen.ini file in the same folder. When -R option is provided, FontGen does not save these files. FontGen -R
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