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FontGen is a powerful bitmap font generator for Windows platform. It creates C source codes representing the font you select on your PC for you to use with graphical LCD for your embedded project. It is so easy to use fonts with any size on your LCD, for any language as FontGen supports Unicode. It is coming with a library developed in C to draw glyphs and even with sample LCD controller driver for one LCD controller.

For the graphical LCDs you either should use the small latin fonts already burned into the LCD controller, or should buy fonts for your project. Preparing fonts by hand clearly is not an option, since it would take real long to do that. Besides, you'll possibly need multiple fonts for each language you're supporting.

FontGen helps you to create exact font you want, and with its Unicode support you can easily port your user interface to any language.

The details of the data structures used in the font definition files, are explained in detail in the generated font definition files. For the details, you can check the trial version or check a sample font definition file which can be accessed here; as C and H (and common H) file.

Once you create the font or image definition files, you can try the display library for Keil development environment to use the image/font definitions in your project. For the design and debug of your user interface you can use the LCD extension for the Keil uVision development environment.

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